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CBP Survey of Project Portfolio Management Practices

The Center for Business Practices surveyed 64 senior project managers to assess their views and experiences with project portfolio management (PPM). Findings include:

  • Almost all respondents rate PPM as important. (97.5%)
  • More than half have some form of PPM in place. (64.1%)
  • Organizations are only moderately happy with their current practices. More than half rate themselves at level one or two (on a scale of 1-5) in PPM maturity. (60.9%)
  • For those with PPM, the biggest challenges are:

    - collecting project metrics (65.8%)

    - lack of information on resources (50.0%)

    - lack of broad organizational support (44.7%)

  • For those without PPM, the biggest challenges for implementing PPM are:

    - lack of executive support (65.2%)

    - lack of broad organizational support (52.2%)

    - poorly developed project management processes (52.0%)

  • A big gap exists between top-performers and poor performers. Top performers:

    - optimize the project portfolio

    - plan from a portfolio perspective

    - actively balance resource capacity and demand,

    - consistently use PPM to make go/kill decisions

CBP Report on Project Portfolio Management