Lee Merkhofer Consulting Priority Systems

The benefits of project portfolio management are clear...

PPM can significantly increase the value derived from projects. The quality of information is improved and accountability increased. Failing projects are identified more quickly. Low-value projects stop squeezing out high-value projects whose benefits are less tangible.

...but don't underestimate the difficulty.

Off-the-shelf PPM tools rank projects based on "scores," not by comparing the consequences of doing vs. not doing projects. You need to learn how to compute project value. Executives need to understand and provide support. Stakeholders need to see the tool is an aid, not a threat.

Workshops to Jump Start PPM Implementation

For more than a dozen years, my collaborative process has helped organizations successfully implement PPM. My Framing Workshop is a 3-day, facilitated exercise by which your team creates an agreed upon, comprehensive framework (model) for prioritizing your projects. Participants:

  • Learn advanced principles of PPM
  • Lay out the hierarchical relationships among project portfolios
  • Specify the types of project benefits to be measured
  • Define metrics for assessing project value
  • Specify logic for computing project priorities

In my 2-day Tool Implementation Workshop your team will test, refine and finalize an Excel implementation of your model. My workshops:

  • Establish an objective, repeatable process for prioritizing projects
  • Can be accomplished quickly and at low cost
  • Build organizational learning and understanding of best practices
  • Deliver (at no additional cost) a practical, quality PPM tool

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