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There are plenty of resources for learning how to manage a portfolio of projects efficiently, but precious few that help you get priorities right

Being effective means doing the right projects, which requires identifying the projects that will create the most value. This website shows you how. First, learn how to be effective, then worry about efficiency.

Buying an expensive PPM tool may help you become more efficient, but the tool may mislead you with its project recommendations

Why? Because most software tools don't estimate project value. Instead, they prioritize projects using unsupportable heuristics, such as strategic alignment and balance. To see why these approaches do not measure value, why they do not constitute sound theories, and why they produce the wrong project recommendations, read Something You Should Know.

What makes us different is we provide solutions based on sound theory

For some managers, "theory" has an undeserved bad reputation. The word "theory" is associated with the word "theoretical," which is interpreted to mean "impractical."

In truth, using sound theory means doing things the right way, and the right way doesn't necessarily require the use of complicated methods. Even with major simplifications, you'll get far more accurate and defensible project recommendations by following sound theory than by applying the wrong methods, regardless of how efficiently those wrong methods are applied.

Before investing in a PPM tool, learn the mathematical theory for project prioritization and how to select value-maximizing projects using portfolio decision analysis.

"The more efficient you are at doing the wrong thing, the wronger you become. It is much better to do the right thing wronger than the wrong thing righter!"

— Russel Ackoff